Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How Do I Love Thee...Let Me Count the Ways!

Happy Birthday to my Knight in Shining Armour....
my Husband, Rick.

We, our boys and I, are having a big party for him after work on Thursday; but I wanted to express via my blog just how blessed I am that God gifted me with him and to say how proud I am of him for all that he has been through and continues to go through and still holds tight to his faith. Though he may not ever see this (because he doesn't read my blog unless I ask him to), I know that it is here and maybe one day he will run across it and feel blessed too.

Rick and I truly fulfill and compliment each other. Where I am weak, he is strong and where he may lack, I fill in. God knew what he was doing when he sent lightning through me that day in the field.

In the almost 6 years that we have been together we have never really had a disagreement over our relationship. Don't get me wrong we have had arguments and disagreed on several issues...but nothing that was directly tied to us. We, as a couple, have had to deal with so much adversity and negative situations, more than most couples ever deal with in their entire marriages, and we are still together and evolving.  And let me tell you that the devil just keeps things coming,but we have determined that we've already been there done that and came out we'll just keep on going for God and for us...TOGETHER.

I'm so proud of the steps he has taken out of his comfort zone towards where he feels God would have him. He has evolved from a super quite man with no self esteem to a less quite man with better self esteem who teaches the teens Sunday school class and runs our church's youth ministry program. He is asked often about his faith is never reluctant to take the opportunity to share God's plan of salvation though never coming across as a holier than thou person.

He is a wonderful father who loves his kids to death and a super wonderful husband.

One of my favorite things that he does is attack without warning. Seriously, either me or one of the kids will be standing up and sometimes in the middle of a conversation and then in an instant find ourselves on the floor being squished and tickled. Too funny and sometimes too painful...LOL

I love it when he brings me a cup of coffee to wake me up before he goes to work and when he pumps his fists back and forth in excitement. The fist pumping is a rare event and usually takes place after a sports victory of some kind.

It is hilarious when he tells the kids (especially Travis) something and they look at me to see if he's telling the truth. Or when one of the kids walks in front of the parked vehicle and he honks the horn to scare them...Sometimes he can get them with the fake stories, but they have sooo gotten over the horn honk and he still does it...just in case.

He also drives 6 hours every week to pick up and drop off his kids (after they were moved without his knowledge or consent) to make sure that they know that he loves them, wants them, and will never abandon them.

So, here's to you my knight in shining armour. Know that you are truly loved, highly regarded, and eagerly followed.

I love you and feel so blessed to be called your wife!!!

Your Wife


BASSakward Tales said...

my hubby and i met on a blind date in january, engaged in february and married in august - all of the same year...we have had some disagreements but not about our relationship...when God shows up He shows out...I hope Rick has a wonderful birthday and yall have many more anniversaries to come...

Dana said...

Happy Birthday Rick! And here's to many more years of no arguments. I know you've got us beat!