Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year, New Goals, Same Me...

Wow it's been sooooo long since I've posted and entry and I must say that part of the reason is a new found gun shyness to posting anything online...why this apprehension??? Well, it seems that no matter how hard a person tries to not offend anyone... someone is offended. While I don't like to offend anyone and do not set out to offend people purposefully, it does happen and I am sorry for that. HOWEVER, I have come to the conclusion through a lot of prayer and encouragement from messages that I have gotten from readers (who I had no idea were readers) wanting to know when I was going to start posting again, that through this blog I am able to reach people outside of my immediate circle on issues that I am faced with and with the possibility that I may also be able to share Christ with those people. AND that through the people whom I have met via blog world, I am learning such valuable lessons as well. Thanks Dana, Jay, and Lauren and BTW I 'm so sorry I haven't been present lately!!!

So on the top of my New Years Top Ten is to try to look at the BIGGER picture rather than the single red pixel that is trying to distract me from the rest of the image.

And without further are the rest... (WOOO HOOO you know how I love lists!!!)

  1. See above statement...
  2. To be present daily for my family in body and in mind.
  3. To do a devotion EVERY DAY!!!
  4. To evacuate this downward spiral of spending and significantly reduce bills.
  5. To loose 30 pounds!!! I had lost 28 but gained 10 back over the holidays...sad face :-(
  6. To return to my old ways of organized and purposeful living rather than random chaos that has been our life since well, Jacob's death.
  7. To begin a prayer list and purposefully pray over those things at least once a week, but strive for every day.
  8. Keep in touch with friends MORE...yes, this means you!!!
  9. Forgive when it hurts so much to do so.
  10. Remember that my life is the example where someone might be looking for Christ.

What is on the top of your list???

I recently heard that 90% of Americans make New Years resolutions and only 20% keep them...I really want to strive to be in that 20% this year!!!

Have a Blessed Day and New Year!!!