Friday, March 5, 2010

Thank You!

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.

I came through the D&C without any complications and that is a huge blessing. I'm still kinda woozy from the anesthesia, but it is getting better. I was still dizzy and nauseated even though they gave 5 different kinds of meds for that...nothing is ever easy!!

Anyway, God blessed and answered that prayer and I am sooo grateful for we're praying for acceptance and mental/physical recovery.

Two of my great friends and my mom got me up and drug me out of the house for a walk yesterday. It was nearly 50 degrees and super sunny out and the walk did improve my mindset, so that was a blessing too. I've never had emotional issues like depression or anxiety, but this very well may have pushed me over the ledge...So I am determined to stay busy and keep my mind filled with the positive!!!

Rick took the day off today and we're going to get out of the house with my mom and just try to not think about things. To focus on upcoming events and projects that we have plans getting back into my skinny pants!!!

We are at the point that we both think that the Dr. is going to tell us that we should not try to get pregnant again and in the here and now we both agree with just seems too risky for my health and obviously the health of a baby. And I don't want to put our family through this again. My parents, sister, and friends we're all so excited that we were having a baby and now their hearts are broken all over again too...I just can't put them through that again. But on the other hand it is the loss or death of a dream that we have had together since we've been married...and that is very painful to let go. I am also overly concerned about how both of these losses have affected Trystan and the boys. All they knows of pregnancy is death and sadness and I don't want that for them...

I'm sure in time all will be revealed...God knows and will push, pull, and, drag us through this.

Have a Blessed Day.