Thursday, December 30, 2010

Welcome 2011

Hello and Welcome 2011...I'm glad you are finally here.

The past year has brought with it a continued turmoil, a second child loss, and also some great times of fun and rejoicing withfriends, our family, and our boys. I am praying that 2011 will usher in a new beginning on all fronts.

That God's ministry will spread and that we, as a church, will be able to find new means to reach people for the Lord.

That a new start to the year will bring a lasting effort on the part of my family to become more healthy and LESS stressed. The tumultuous events of the last 2 years have really left us in poor shape...dealing or not dealing with with recurring anxiety and unrelenting stress that has had negative effects on all of us both mentally and physically. I for one, am sporting some extra cushion all over and find my fuse getting shorter with each heart palpitation that passes...YES all of it is from anxiety.

That a new more positive attitude will sweep through our home and allow us to really enjoy our time together. It is such waste to let outside influences that are out of our control ruin what could be really great memories with the people we truly love and are present in our lives. This life and the time we have are gifts from God and waisting them away in anger, resentment, and fear of what might happen next or who will hurt us next definitely isn't how God wants us to spend our time alone or with those we love. This attitude has been a dark cloud looming over our home for over a year now and let me just say that I am over it, my husband and sons are over it, and I am ready to get our REAL life back.

That this new year will bring a new outlook and set of goals for our oldest son. Over the Christmas break we, as a family, decided to walk through a door that the Lord has opened for him. Starting January 3rd, 2011 he will begin a new grade at a new school. We loved our Christian school, but had for some time been considering returning to the public school system for several reasons and have been apprehensive for several reasons, but low and behold the door was opened and just as we have since Rick and I have been together, we prayed, felt peace, and walked through the door. So my prayer is that he is a light to those around him...a picture of an alternate way of life. I feel that this transition holds a burden for our son to stand for God and the way He wants us to live.  By showing others that it is ok to say no and refraine from the not -so-good-fo- you activities that so many of our teens are exposed to and get roped into.

That I will lighten up on the heavy load of expectations that I place on my family...not to be perfect by any means, but to take care of business the way I would, rather than the way that they need to handle things. This is a definite shortcoming in my make up.

In keeping with come the resolutions...

My two goals for 2011 are to become more healthy by loosing weight and increasing our family's physical activity AND getting our finances under control.

True to form, I already have a plan ready for both items on the list and am itching to place check marks by both of them. It is the following through of the plan that I have found to be so elusive to me...did you know that lack of focus and a shortened attention span is a part of anxiety??? I didn't either until it happened to is very frustrating...squirrel!!! Sorry about that...that was a shout out to all of my Up movie friends...anyway the lack of focus thing actually is a part of anxiety issues.

So here is my health plan....We as a family joined the YMCA, I just signed up for our local Biggest Loser group with a team who is sure to kill love...if I don't produce results, and got a new Taste of Home Comfort Food DIET cookbook that has a super realistic take on using food as a tool to become healthier. I am excited about all three things and thanks to a few of my blog creepers (Miss A and Mrs. S) who reminded me that I haven't blogged for a while...I am going to track my progress here... at least every two weeks on weigh in days. Maybe having even MORE accountability areas will make me stay on track.

Finance plan...STOP SPENDING MONEY!!! In the next few days, I am realigning my budget and I am looking into the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University program and plan to take those classes as soon as I can get into one.

I hope that all of you have a FABULOUS  and SAFE New Year celebration and am looking forward to Welcoming a new year with all of you!!!

I'll see you back here on the 5th...initial weigh in day for the Biggest Loser and yes, unfortunately I will be sharing the dreaded number here...yikes!!!

Have a Blessed Day!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's About Time...

Or the lack of it. Where has the time gone? I need more time. Time is of the essence. We're running out of time. These are a few of the lines that have been running through my head and out of my mouth for the past few months and boy are they true in every situation. We have been so busy and blessed that IF I get the chance to sit for a minute...I'm not sure what to do. I feel like I need to be doing something constantly.

Time is a treasure that is unique unto itself. It is the only thing that passes without ever stopping. Can't be rewound or fast forwarded. Can be given and taken, used to full advantage and squandered. It can make or break relationships, food, and everything else except plastic... And once it's's gone.

Time is a gift from God and he intends for us to use it wisely and in service to Him by being a blessing to our families and to others around us. I think that means trying to find a balance between taking care of my family and home with doing outside of the home. Right now, that is an area where I struggle, as God have given me the spiritual gift of administration and service so I'm pretty much an organized worker who sees more efficient ways of doing things and therefore want to make things work better than before and I am often asked to do so by most of those around me....that would be the gift of administration.

How I approach this can be good or bad. In reference to my family...yes I take care of them, BUT since I do so much FOR them, am I not enabling them to become lazy and just know that Mom will take care of it. I have found that to be true. Instead of just doing, I must teach them how to organize themselves and keep track of things like assignments and due dates instead of constantly reminding them of what they have going on. Letting go of that and letting your kids fail in order to learn is VERY VERY difficult for me.

As far a giving of time, I often just say sure I can do that because I feel the need to help...that would be the gift of service. What I am finding is that I often OVER schedule or OVER volunteer to the point that I feel like I am only seeing my family in passing or that I am staying up into all hour of the night trying to finish everything I need to get done.

So where is the balance??? This is what I am trying to to do find that balance. When I am asked to do something, I am trying to remember to say "Let me check my calendar" instead of just saying yes without thinking about the other goings on in that time frame. I am trying to be in bed by 10:00 or 10:30 on 3 out of the 7 days of the week. I am trying to ask myself if the kids are capable, not do they want to, but are they capable of completing this task by themselves and letting them do it when the answer is yes. And I am trying to make myself realize that my expectations of myself are what I am trying to reach and often times they are unrealistic. For instance, if I have a photo session on Saturday, those people don't expect their pictures to be reviewed, edited, and posted within 24 hours...but that is my expectation of myself.

So far, these few "sanity savers" have been working for me. I have only been doing it for like 7 days, but I have noticed that I am making more quality time for my family, the schedule seems a bit less chaotic (still full but not over full), kids are doing stuff, and I am not up until 1 or 2 am so often because I have a little more time to get things done during the day. And I have even worked out for the past two days!!!

It is about time...and how we choose to use it...that ultimately reveals a life of fulfillment and happiness that both God and we can be proud of.

Have a Blessed Day!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Long Time No Post...Update

Hello again, sorry I've been away so long....

Daily events keep me up and moving with little down time in which I choose to sleep rather than post. However, I have missed my little piece of Internet space and am now taking advantage of the whole 30 minutes that I have to write this rather than fold the laundry that seems to multiply by the minute. Seriously, I thought that as my kids got older the less laundry I would have...ummm NO...sorry to burst your bubble all of you out there who are still praying for that, but not only do I have MORE laundry, but the sizes are bigger so I can't fit as much into one load!!!

Anyway, back to the post...I am really excited about a few things that are going on right now in our lives...

Rick has designed and fabricated a HUGE smoker (BBQ Pit thingy) and has already received a cooking request!!! this is awesome, because my husband is soooooo talented on so many levels, but for whatever reason, never thinks he can do anything. I am really proud of him for dreaming this thing up, putting in the time and effort to build it, and seeing a finished product that works wonderfully. He smoked a few chickens and a pork roast for our family and a few great friends last was seriously the best chicken I have ever of our friends ate 3 chicken qtrs!!! Don't worry your identity is safe with me...

We're trying to decide on a name for this business endeavor and have narrowed it down to these three...Let me know what your vote is.
1. Triple T's BBQ
2. Triple T's Smokehouse
3. Three Boys BBQ

On the ministry front; the Lord is blessing young lives through the youth ministry we and our awesome helpers are involved in at church. Earlier in the year Rick presented an idea to supply all of those in our youth group with backpacks filled with school supplies...our church pulled together and were able to be a blessing to over 45 kids ages pre-k through 6th with those backpacks...since then we have had 4 kids start walking to church by themselves every Sunday for Sunday School and Service. WOO HOO...GO GOD!!!

AC Image is really taking off...I have shot several photo sessions and am keeping pretty busy. The best thing I did with this business is start by making a price list (good business practice)...but I am struggling with charging my friends (bad business practice). God is really blessing in this area and I am hoping to use any profit to help with Trystan's tuition and to rid us of debt. I have become very convicted about debt and am being pretty diligent in getting things paid down. Rick and I are looking into the Dave Ramsey program and would love to hear your feedback on that if you have any experience with it.

Our kids are doing great and we had an awesome summer together. Our Myrtle Beach vacation with my parents was so amazing. We all had such a wonderful time together and we did it with only one disciplinary action though the entire eight days...the Lord was definitely with us!!! Other than vacation we spent time with friends and each other for the majority of the summer...a lot of time in the pool and cooking out with friends. 

Rick and I were both saddened at the onset of the school year, but we are getting back into the groove, so things will even out here soon. Trystan and Travis have moved into 7th grade and Tony is now in 5th. Trystan has moved into the teens class on Wednesday evenings and both he and Travis will move up to the Teens Sunday School class, which Rick teaches, in a week. It just doesn't seem right, but can't be avoided either...believe me, I've tried to avoid them growing up since they came into my life!!! I must say though that over the past month, I have really seen a change in maturity on Trystan's part. It is both scary and rewarding. All in all, our kids are awesome and we are blessed to have them.

On the new baby front, I am sad to say that I don't have any news to share; but on the flip side to that. I have come to terms with the fact that there is nothing I can do about it. So whatever God has in his plans, I have accepted and am working very hard at savoring what is happening now not what I though would be happening now.

I am also excited about the September book over at the Momtage. The book is Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad. I am really hoping that I will be able to read this one and that you might give it a chance too. A description of the book and where to order it can be found here. Even if you don't have time to read the book, go and check out Dana and Holly's site...there are many awesome  stories, tips and tricks, and just great fellowship with other moms in all stages of motherhood.

Have a Blessed Day!!!